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Complete this form to receive information about the church and our programs.

Thanks for your interest in our church. We'll share more information with you shortly.

First Timer


Complete this form if this is your first time attending our service either in-person or online. 

Thanks for joining us today, a member of the Welcome team will contact you soon.

Prayer Request


Do you have an urgent need for prayers or would you like someone to agree with you concerning something? Complete this form.

Do you want a Pastor to reach out to you?

Thanks for completing the form. Your prayers will be answered in the name of Jesus!



Do you have a testimony of God's goodness? Complete this form to share your testimony in church during the first service on the First Sunday. You can enter your testimony in the comment box below or upload a one-minute video. 

How do you want to share your testimony
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Thanks for registering your testimony, you will continue to have reasons to praise God in Jesus' name.



Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Complete this form to indicate you will like to bring your baby to the church for dedication.

Is your baby a boy or a girl?
Do you plan to bring food to church?
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We received your request and we are looking forward to welcoming you and your baby to church!



Want to dance to the altar to give thanks to God? Complete this form to request a thanksgiving session in the church for a special occasion. 

Do you plan to bring food to church?
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We received your request. We can't wait to join you in praising God!

Ask Pastor


Do you have any question for pastor David or Pastor John? Complete the form below to reach either of them directly.

Who is this question for?

Thanks for reaching out, the Pastor will be in touch with you shortly!

New Believer

New Believer

Complete this form if you just accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The church will like to welcome to the family of God and support you in the journey of faith.

Welcome to the family of God and to the Christian Faith! A member of our Evangelism team will reach out to you shortly.

Join Workforce

Join Workforce

 Complete this form to indicate to tell us about a unit or ministry you're interested in after prayerfully making the decision to become a worker in God's vineyard. 

Church Units/Ministries (Select more than one if applicable)

Thank your for sharing your interest. The workforce pastor will reach out to you soon.

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